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Raw Nightums - Homostupids - The Load (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Apr 05,  · (intended for publication in the cancelled Arthur Vol. 1, No. 26 [March ]) Bull Tongue 26 The Top 80 of 1. GOTHENBURG BLOOD CULT – New tape label out of Sweden bartering in ultra hell noise. Check out the compilation Fuck Money, Fuck Life w/ grinding hardcore spew from Maniac Cop, Ochu, and amistethumbfuncverrojuboljanecra.coinfo’s such a beatific place, it’s hard to figure the gore mania the.
  2. Men's Recovery Project / The Best of Men's Recovery Project / Double LP / Load; Mind Eraser / Cave (Out of ) / PainKiller; Mind Eraser / Glacial Reign (Out of ) / PainKiller; Moss / Cthonic Rites (Out of ) / Double LP / Aurora Borealis; Nig Heist / Snort my load / Thermidor.
  3. To suggest that The Monks were an influential band would qualify as a gross understatement: their work in the mid-sixties set out a blueprint for punk, garage rock and even the motorik grooves of krautrock. Evidence of this is strewn all over their debut Black Monk Time. From their absurd, free association lyrics, fuzzy dissonance and beat-heavy rhythms its plain from the very beginnings.
  4. 2) Homostupids "The Load" (Load) - When I wasn't being such a pussy about the Hunches LP, I was busy with Homostupids. There really isn't a modern band I'm more excited about or enamored with. "The Load" proved to be a high-water mark from these fellas, a record that I .
  5. Bananas "Nautical Rock'n'Roll" LP (Load Records // amistethumbfuncverrojuboljanecra.coinfo) Homostupids "The Glow Demo" CD-R Demo from a newer Clevo band that had my ears paying full attention at Horriblefest. Only three songs, but if they put this shit to vinyl I would buy the hell out of it. Super loud guitar crunch and a sub-atomic bass sound paired.
  6. Dec 31,  · Embryonic is another well packaged, double lp that has been a great seller and kept longtime fans eager for more. We seem to have a hard time keeping them in stock for long, so don't let this one slip by you. HOMOSTUPIDS - the Load Skull Music. With Lean Steve ex-Nine Shocks Terror, an ex-Buffalo neandrathal-man and one of the most tireless.
  7. • burmese – men (cd – load – ) • spykes – citizens dream of a city (cdr advance) avril • Tripod Jimmie – Long Walk Off A Short Pier (33t, , une bonne chronique, un lien pour télécharger) • Richman (Jonathan) – Because her beauty is raw and wild (èmepé3 du cd, , attendez le vinyl avec bonus pour milieu mai).
  8. Oct 24,  · Thank the vinyl gods that the lovely folks at Papaaver Records re-birthed this amazing album of twisted psychedelia. Dark cinematic synths, fuzzed guitars, creepy back ground vocals and an otherworldly feel, this self titled album is the perfect soundtrack to scare off the trick or treaters.

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